Why choose our Public Cloud instances?
The Public Cloud service allows companies to have their own virtual infrastructure within a platform ready to offer the latest generation and 100% fault-tolerant computational resources.
All management activities are accessible from a single web interface developed specifically to provide enterprise-level functionality quickly and easily.
The infrastructure is constantly updated by all application security patches and protected against DDos attacks up to several hundred Gbps.
The infrastructure distributed on redundant hardware, combined with continuous replication of data in triplicate, guarantees maximum reliability and the highest quality standards.
The system was designed to offer exceptional and guaranteed performance to all instances at the CPU level, disk access Iops and internet bandwidth.
The infrastructure has been designed for maximum horizontal scalability. This allows us to satisfy new requests dynamically and automatically in a few minutes.
Opensource heart
The heart of the infrastructure is realized with the customization of the main Open Source Software defined Computing, Storage and Networking projects.
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Our team of experts is alongside our partners for the design, migration, management, optimization, monitoring and support for all cloud projects.

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