Call 2 Teams is the ideal service to exploit most of the MS's features, ensuring a complete integration that allows you to make and receive calls on traditional phone numbers using the MS platform.
Why should you choose Call 2 Teams?
Call 2 teams benefits
The service was created using Cisco technology hosted in a cloud platform distributed currently across multiple geographically distinct locations.
In this way, the system remains updated and expanded without any service interruptions to the MS platform, ensuring 99,99% of reliability.
It is possible to use company numbering on the most widespread videoconference tool, integrating collaboration and telephony.
Easy to use
Connect a PSTN number and use it on any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop), Call 2 Teams will support MS as a company telephone number. You will make the first call in less than 15 Minutes.
Flexible service with self-service activation. No activation fee, pay-per-use billing.
System distributed across multiple TIER IV data centers.
No addictional costs
Easy billing, both in the post-paid and pre-paid mode.
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