Peace of mind at your service.
Backup Smart is a SaaS Backup service designed to simplify and monitor the management of a usually complex service.
Safe place
Our Data Centers are located in the national territory in a safe area where access is allowed only for authorized personnel. Continuous replies between the Data Centers guarantee the availability of the data in any situation.
Unique centralized dashboard to manage all backup plans - Ability to choose and configure local backup jobs (on nas / file servers) and in the cloud, in a single, simple step.
The protected data reaches our Data Center encrypted before being sent (AES 256). It is possible to set a password to further protect access.
Cloud backups stored in Tier-IV datacenters and compliant with the most stringent security regulations.
Restore files, folders, applications or the entire system in a short time and with ease.
Possibility to backup any element: disks, partitions, servers, data, mobile devices, and mission critical applications such as MS SQL and Exchange.
The service includes software that manages the scheduling of backups, data encryption and management of any restoration. The whole environment is managed by a single web interface accessible from any device.
The protected data reaches our Data Center encrypted using the best algorithms on an international level (AES 256.bit). No one else, including operators, is able to access the contents of the encrypted data.
No dedicated
The service only requires the installation of one or more agents, through a simple and intuitive setup and without any dedicated device. Once the initial configuration is completed, the service is ready immediately to protect your data safely.
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