Range of safe, functional and reliable over time services.
We offer a wide range of cloud-based global services for backup, storage, database, networking, management tools, security and business applications. These make a fundamental contribution to companies that aspire to evolve faster, reduce IT costs and recalibrate resources.
Talky Teams
Your Business Calls on Microsoft Teams.

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Public Cloud
We integrate all the components of a traditional datacenter into a single Iaas platform that can be managed through a single interface.
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Drive 4 Business
Providing remote access to corporate data from any device (mobile, web browser and client), it has never been so easy.
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Backup Smart
Backup as a Service solution for companies looking for a flexible, reliable and high-performance cloud backup solution.
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Internet and Voice
High performance and high reliability internet connectivity solutions with Adsl, Optic Fiber and Wireless technologies.
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Cloud Storage
Secure, reliable and flexible storage for long-term archiving or for sharing any type of file with your customers.

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Cloud PBX
Unified cloud communication platform and solutions developed for PBXs and telecommunications resellers.
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Cloud Email
Professional email with the possibility to organize appointments and share documents and address books using Active Sync.
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Why CloudFire

Single supplier
100% Reseller
Simple billing
The reasons that make the difference in the MSP world.

CloudFire stands out for being one of the first Business Cloud Providers, founded by professionals in the sector, with the main purpose of collecting the needs of many companies in the area and channeling them into a complete range of services.
The strengths of Cloud professionals.
Safe and Certified
We guarantee the highest levels of security and privacy, complying with the highest standards and certifications required in the national territory.
Constant Innovation
We look for advanced solutions so that our partners can always keep up with the technologies that the market requires.
Cost Reduction
We guarantee remarkable savings by allowing companies to reduce costs and increase their flexibility.
100% Italian
Our Datacenters are hosted in dedicated and certified spaces in Italy and allow us to guarantee high standards of privacy and security.
Quick and accurate response
Our Partners can count on a single, reliable and professional supplier, able to offer quick and clear answers.