From an idea of ​​industry professionals, after years of research and optimization, we have created a unique Cloud infrastructure on the national territory. CloudFire is the only all-in-one platform that offers IT services for companies, reduces investment costs and guarantees organizational and technological improvement.
Cloudfire is the most advanced IT partner ever.
All analysis, design and implementation activities are carried out by highly qualified staff who are constantly updated on the market leading Enterprise and Opensource technologies.
The whole range of our services is reserved exclusively for ICT Resellers, System Integrators, Software House, Var and corporate. The management of services takes place through a rebrandable portal with your logo and your prices.
Guaranteed Resources
Our goal is to provide dedicated enterprise-level resources to ensure maximum performance both in terms of connectivity with Guaranteed Bandwidth and in terms of cloud services with guaranteed computational resources.
Clear and certain costs
Simple and intuitive price list, easily interpretable and without any hidden cost. Through our dashboard, the re-invoicing part has also been organized to be simple and fast.
Datacenter TIER IV

The architecture has a typical double A + B power supply chain, which also includes the cooling system power supply. The infrastructure offers a continuity of services that exceeds the criteria indicated in the definition of the Tier IV level of the Uptime Institute.



ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 27001

ISO 50001


OPEN-IX DC OIX-2 | Network interconnection point


Power supply

Two low quality low voltage switchboards power two UPS series per block which, in turn, power (via two high quality low voltage switchboards) the four low voltage switchboards and, secondly, the connections electrical.

The building’s power supply is ensured by generators capable of providing 72 hours of operating autonomy at full load. The generators are tested every month. The two independent power supply chains allow maintenance to be carried out on electrical systems without interrupting IT operations.

Network interconnections with Carrier TIER1

Telia, GTT, Sparkle, Hurricane Electric, Fastweb, Retelit, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, as well as all the members of the MIX public peering in Milan, for a total capacity of 40 Gbps.